30 mar. 2012

bennie, neni and the jets

they're coming home. can't sound anything else. 

Pablo and me by Ana Gárate Escassi

Elton John - Bennie and the Jets @ 27 Dresses by Katherine Heigl and James Marsden

26 mar. 2012

tomboy style

editing random pictures with vintage cam app

books @ Southbank book market

Jean Shrimpton by Brian Duffy @ Chelsea Proud Gallery (my favorite Gallery in London)
Currently there's an exhibition of the "Lost Portraits by Brian Duffy". Love it.

#loaferaddict: heart them. my new red loafers. I can't wear other shoes.

flowers @ knightsbridge

All pictures by Ana Gárate Escassi

 if you are in London

Southbank Book Market

Chesea Proud Gallery

The Bravery - Time won't let me go


want the book? "Tomboy Style: Beyond the boundaries of fashion" by Lizzie Garrett #wishlist

20 mar. 2012

first day of SPRING (mobile post - part 7)

I miss spring in Barcelona.

Lord Holland statue @ Holland Park

decorative detail in a random tree

Kioto Garden @ Holland Park

Dimitri and me @ Holland Park on Sunday

sunset and trees

our new daisies and roses

one of our beautiful daisies

MUST GO if you are in London

Holland Park - doesn't look like the other parks in London. In fact, I think every park here is different, something I love about them. Holland Park is so beautiful and has lots of unexpected and hidden places like the Kyoto Garden.

"we'll be glowing in the dark"

19 mar. 2012

PPDITO's day

Today in Spain is Father's Day. Of course, it's my real Father's Day, yesterday was just because it was here, so today it's special. This is for my Ppdito :) Te quiero!

Roger Waters sings Comfortubly Numb @ the O2 Arena with a very special surprise

Papá y Ana

Papá y Ana

Papá y Ana 1996

Papá @ Toscana 2007

Papá y Mamá @ Portofino 2007

Papá @ Pisa 2007

Papá @ French Canals 2004

18 mar. 2012

mother's day

today is mother's day here, (of course) here's my picture :) te quiero!

My mom. Picture by Ana Gárate Escassi

17 mar. 2012


All pictures from my WE HEART IT and my tumblr. roommateana
you can find some of them @ THIS IS NOT NEW and VIKTOR VAUTHIER blog (MUST SEEN!!)

weird week. I've been listening to some "new" music lately:

The Cure - Pictures of you

La Rocca - Non believer

Cary Brothers - Ride