23 abr. 2012


family picture. I guess that was taken by my grandfather.

white roses by Ana Gárate Escassi

I found this picture the other day. It was taken at Parque Cervantes in Barcelona the 23rd of May of 2007 with my NIKON E4600 ... glad to see that I've improved with my pics! enjoy your book&rose day people in Barcelona.

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20 abr. 2012

fish eye (part 1)

random fish eye pictures at Little Venice.

Little Venice by Ana Gárate Escassi

Little Venice by Ana Gárate Escassi

Tree by Ana Gárate Escassi

Street @ Little Venice by Ana Gárate Escassi

Views from apartment 26 by Pablo Gárate Escassi

this pictures are NOT edited.

16 abr. 2012

can't stop cycling among other photothings

#borisbikes #barclayscycle #barclaysbikes #cyclehire

London on a budget of 1 pound a day

we began last weekend and can't stop cycling...

Dimitri cycling this weekend @ St. James's Park by Ana Gárate Escassi

You can see my pics from Holland Park at the Holland Park facebook fan page.

Like every weekend, we enjoy our sunday evening with a nice walk.

Path yesterday @ Holland Park

Kyoto Garden yesterday @ Holland Park

Yesterday's sunset @ Holland Park

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13 abr. 2012

new things

this week I've been doing some new things: work, painting and wearing new clothes. 
Of course, I've been listening to new great music too.
I wanted to write in pink.

Chiswick Park "underground" station by Ana Gárate Escassi

me wearing my new jumper. easter present from my godfather and godmother-in-law (I think I've just invented this word) by Ana Gárate Escassi

Holland Park by Ana Gárate Escassi - picture not edited. I (heart) this park

new and great song. Matt Nathanson - Wedding dress
look for more Matt Nathanson songs, he's great.

another great song. not new for me. I (heart) my bb. Katie Herzing - Lost and found

I think maybe this weekend I can take some pictures with my camera, just something new...