11 may. 2012

inspiration (part 2)

new pictures i've been hearting and reblogging

pictures at Pati Nicolás' blog.
i've been following her career as jewellery designer for a long time now and has became one of my style icons. she has amazing paintings, check here: patricia nicolás art

jane birkin, style icon

moodboard found at Vogue España

this pictures are from Jeana Sohn's blog.
she's an artist living in L.A. she founded the Closet Visit project.
i've been following her since her appearance in Absolut Mode Society and became a huge fan instantly.
i love her paintings, her pictures, her work, her blog and her style.  

some pictures that inspired Jeana

picture by Terry Richardson

Dree and Marie Hemingway
"like mum, like daughter"

some pictures i found on tumblr. and we heart it.
you can find them at my roommateana tumblr. and my @anaskssy heart it

*non of this pictures is mine. they just inspire me. just wanted to share them.

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