26 ene. 2012

mobile post (part 2)

my parents want some photos of me doing... whatever, so here we go.

Last sunday we spend a lovely day:
We woke up like at 10 am but layed on bed until lunch time reading!! I love that.
Then we ate something at Balans, the best place to have an incredible brunch. Then a bit of Kensington Gardens, tea at Paul Rhodes Bakery in Notting Hill (one of my favourites cafes in London) and finally we saw "J. Edgar" at Odeon Cinema in Kensington. One of my dreams was to live near a cinema... Well, I think that 300 meters is near enough!!

Pictures from Kensington Gardens, Dimitri and Ana @ Peter Pan statue by Dimitri and Ana

Reading all morning: Virginia Woolf by Quentin Bell (MY BOOK, a present from Dimitri for christmas) and Foundation's Edge from Isaac Asimov (Dimitri's book, my present for christmas).

Picture by Ana Gárate Escassi

MUST GO if you are in London

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