2 feb. 2012

greenwich with luciano - mobile post (part 3)

last week I spend a day visiting Greenwich with my argentinian friend Luciano. He lives in Mallorca training tennis my "sister". We spend the best time together and became good friends. Here's a snapshot of what you can find in beautiful Greenwich.

Greenwich Park

views of Canary Wharf  @ Greenwich Park.

Greenwich Market (half market during the week)

Greenwich University


We ate some breakfast at Hazev, a turkish restaurant in Canary Wharf. I liked it so much that we went there for dinner! There I met Serap and Max. In Spain we think that turkish food are just kebabs, DON'T!! Turkish food is the best! I'm comming back soon for sure! Best food and best people.

breakfast @ Hazev

views from Hazev

views from Hazev at night

(the amazing, beautiful and cool) Canary Wharf at night

All pictures by Ana Gárate Escassi

MUST GO if you are in London

Hazev Restaurant
Discovery Dock West  2 South Quay Square, 
Canary Wharf, London E14 9RT
020 7515 9467
(web of Hazev temporally unavailable)

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