11 jun. 2012

"random" weekend

friends, love, jubilee, anniversary, park, sunny day after a long week raining...

wagamama advertisement. 
we ate noodles @ wagamama

london weather
selfridges showcase @ oxford street

the new serpentine gallery summer pavilion @ kensington gardens

brunch: eggs benedict @ daylesford organic in westbourne grove, notting hill

brunch: empty earl grey cup @ daylesford organic in westbourne grove, notting hill

the new serpentine gallery summer pavilion @ kensington gardens

dimitri @ balans restaurant

anniversary surprise dinner @ home

marc came to london

dimitri surprised me with tickets for Les Misérables in our anniversary, 6 years and a half

brunch with marc @ south kensington before going to the v&a to see some fashion and design exhibitions

brunch: dimitri, marc and i went to daylesford organic @ westbourne grove in notting hill
first picture by Marc Teufer
second picture by Dimitri Perepadenko

marc and i went shopping an afternoon. these are our new computer sleeves by Marc by Marc Jacobs
pictures by Dimitri Perepadenko

some pictures with the beautiful light on saturday evening. after a week raining, it was nice to go for a walk with sunlight.

All pictures by Ana Gárate Escassi except the ones by Marc and Dimitri

MUST GO if you're in London

eat some great noodles @ WAGAMAMA
now you can also eat sushi and they have amazing starters and dishes to share.
there are a lot og wagamama restaurants, just look for the one nearby.
website: wagamama

the perfect saturday morning? spend some hours looking for great deals at portobello road and then brunch at daylesford organic. stay at the terrace and ask for eggs royale and a cup of coffee or tea. then, buy some organic food at their market and spend the rest of the mornig shopping at westbourne grove (if you can afford it, of course). kensington gardens are near so take a bike and enjoy the gardens,

spend the day @ SOUTH KENSINGTON
another perfect weekend plan is take a bike and go to south kensington. you can first go to the serpentine gallery and if its summer, enjoy the summer pavilion. go down exhibition road and brunch at any café there. there are a lot of good ones, just choose one. go to the v&a and enjoy any exhibition inside. you can also go to the natural history museum or the science museum. kings road is near, take a walk, get lost and enjoy it.
website: south kensington

go and see any MUSICAL
we have seen THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA and recently we went to see LES MISÉRABLES. both of them are amazing. you have plenty of options here in london, and you can find really good prices. enjoy one!
website for Les MisLes Misérables



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